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Infinite Dendrogram information

Infinite Dendrogram

Genres : Fantasy , Game
Views : 8
Summary :

In the year 2043, , the world's first successful full-dive VRMMO was released. In addition to its ability to perfectly simulate the five senses, along with its many other amazing features, the game promised to offer players a world full of infinite possibilities. Nearly two years later, soon-to-be college freshman, Reiji Mukudori, is finally able to buy a copy of the game and start playing. With some help from his experienced older brother, Shuu, and his partner Embryo, Reiji embarks on an adventure into the world of . Just what will he discover and encounter in this game world known for its incredible realism and infinite possibilities?


Episode name Day Added
Episode 6 2020-02-13 16:00:07
Episode 5 2020-02-06 16:00:06
Episode 4 2020-02-01 13:06:23
Episode 2 2020-01-27 16:00:29
Episode 1 2020-01-27 16:00:29