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Knights of Ramune information

Knights of Ramune

Genres : Comedy , Fantasy , Mecha , Shounen
Views : 1
Summary :

o save the galaxy from impending doom, Cacao and Parfait are sent on a mission through time and space to retrieve the Fourth Warrior, Ramunes, the Champion of the Galaxy. Unfortunately, Cacao and Parfait discover Ramunes at the helm of the marauding Giga Genos invasion fleet! World by world, Ramunes is determined to bring the entire galaxy under his tyrannical heel. With the help of a plicky orphan, our heroines have to save the galaxy from its greatest hero!


Episode name Day Added
Episode 6 2020-01-27 15:54:07
Episode 5 2020-01-27 15:54:07
Episode 4 2020-01-27 15:54:06
Episode 3 2020-01-27 15:54:06
Episode 2 2020-01-27 15:54:06
Episode 1 2020-01-27 15:54:06